Mondi Group

This is to confirm that the product that I received from was tested and it is Super in plantation fires.

We tested it by setting plantation debris (brushburning) on fire after spraying the product around forming a circle and lit inside the circle. It managed to stop the fire from spreading outside the circle.

So the name that you gave your product FIREBLOCK it is indeed fireblock because it blocked the fire from spreading and it even kills it.

I am happy and will like to get some of this product to keep and use it in plantation fires where it is needed most.

Kind Regards,
Tebogo Malomane
Dumbe Senior Silviculture, Mondi Group

SOIT Business Solutions

On Monday 13 September 2021 at about 11;30hrs, notification was sent out to our community group that the Kloofzicht mountain was on fire. The farmers bordering the mountain were in grave danger of having their property and possessions devoured by the blaze. The fire department as well as several farmers mobilized to assist to contain the fire which was rapidly running away. Efforts to contain the fire were hampered by strong winds which continually changed direction and made the flames all the fiercer.

Upon arriving on the scene with my fire-beater in hand I soon realized that I was inadequately prepared and that more was needed to bring the inferno under control and the little fire-beater was outclassed. I contacted Louis Koekemoer, the inventor of a fire-retardant solution named Fire Block, a product which I had previously seen demonstrated to quench some enormous flames. Louis upon receiving my call rushed over from Brits and upon his arrival we joined the effort to contain the flames and began spraying the already mixed Fire Block solution on the live flames as well as on the foliage to prevent the fire from spreading. We had a lot of success with the product. Not only was it useful in quenching the fire, it was also extremely useful in preventing the fire from consuming the areas where the product was applied. In fact, Fire Block was so effective that the other farmers who were given the product immediately mixed it with their firefighting water containers as the first glimpse of hope of containing the fire became visible.

Eventually, after many hours and much effort from many people, the fire appeared to be under control and at around 18:30hrs we stopped our efforts and departed.

I strongly recommend that anyone wanting to create firebreaks or fight fires keep this product handy, it really works and can save a lot in resources used to fight fires.

Thank you, Louis, for your selfless act and willingness to help with the Kloofzicht fire.

Daniel Gombe
CEO: SOIT Business Solutions

Madibeng Fire Department

Fireblock Agri came and did a presentation and donated 15 000l of the product which we have used and tested on a variety of fires. Fireblock Agri is an amazing product that has changed the way we fight fires. It is far more effective than just using water and saves in the amount of water we use, the time spend on fighting a fire and the labour required. With the use of FIREBLOCK Agri we can not only fight fires but can prevent fires from spreading and getting out of control, thus saving both lives and property in the process.

Unfortunately Madibeng Fire Department does not have the budget to buy FIREBLOCK AGRI however we feel that we need to change the way we fight fires and protect property.

We hope that we will be able to get sponsorship from the community in order to buy FIREBLOCK Agri and have sufficient suppliers for the future.

Yours faithfully,
JT Seolo

CERS - Community Emergency Response Service

Dear Louis and Kerry,

Herewith a short update / testimonial on your FireBlock fire retardant product, so graciously donated to our NPO for the use during our Community Emergency Response Service activities throughout Brakpan, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng, South Africa.

We received a call on 13 November 2022 at 03:05 am, for a truck on fire on the N17 highway, near Carnival City, in Brakpan.

A light motor vehicle had driven into the rear of the truck. On arrival it was found that both the vehicle and the truck rear, were fully engulfed in flames. We successfully extinguished both the vehicle and truck rear with our 650-liter trailer unit containing the game changer FireBlock. We applied the product with the High-Pressure unit, as well as the volume unit.

We used a two-pronged attack, and it turned out that the fire was no match on the applied methodology.

Re-ignition was virtually impossible as we experienced a quick flame knock out with a

‘rapid’, almost instantaneous cooling of the area where the product was sprayed.

Even though the vehicle body was quite mangled, the product managed to penetrate though all the cracks and crevices.

We noticed that the ‘extinguishing time’ of the fire was cut short and water availability extended due to us not having to use copious amounts of water as would have been the case without FireBlock.

We currently have the product in 3 x separate units. The portable fire extinguishers with its special +long reach nozzles (extremely effective), the fire knapsack / backpack with pre- dissolved product (as a non-pressurised on-demand pump action system) and in our 650- liter bakkie-sakkie “trailer” unit, in a pre-dissolved liquid (ready for application) state.

In all my years of actively being engaged with fires, I have not come across a product that delivers what it promises, unlike yours.

We found that the correct mixing ratio is key in successfully applying the product; based on the pH of our locally sourced water.

We wish to extend the business relationship and eagerly await any new developments. Here is a quick preview of how effective the FireBlock worked.

Yours faithfully,

Fidelity Securefire

Dear Fireblock Team,

On 22 December 2023 we as SecureFire responded to a house fire in SteynCity, as suburb in
Johannesburg, South Africa.

It turned out to be a garage fire containing a very large Lithium battery bank fire supported by many
solar panels. There were expensive luxury vehicles involved as well.

On arrival teams did a 360-degree assessment, determined the plan and route of attack taking into
consideration scarcity of water supply.

Fire was extremely hot and violent. Crews armed with 9 Liter and 50 Liter wheeled trolleys units
braved the monstrosity and knocked the intense flames coupled with intense heat, back to a
manageable size within minutes. This swift action contained the fire to just the garage and the rest
of this valuable family dwelling worth in the high millions to be in tacked and safe.

I applaud the product, your ingenuity, and the continued performance of a true game changer which
is now a standard issue on all our Fire Engines, Rapid Intervention Vehicles as well as our First
Please accept our sincere gratitude!

Louis Pretorius
Chief Fire Officer