Fireblock, established in 2021, is an innovative company, pioneering solutions for non-toxic and bio gradable products for the Firefighting industry. From agricultural and forestry products to cutting-edge lithium extinguishers our range has rapidly expanded.

With, in-house testing, we continuously experiment to find the most effective methods for extinguishing various types of fires. ¬

In 2023, Fidelity Solutions became the exclusive distributor for FIREBLOCK CC in Africa, and the two were able to combine their knowledge and products, leading to the launch of Secure Fire, using FIREBLOCK’s ground-breaking Firefighting products and methods, to become the fastest-growing private Fire Department in the world, successfully having a specialised vehicle for Lithium Fires.

FIREBLOCK has gone global through its international division FIREBLOCK INTERNATIONAL (PTY) Ltd, and proudly launched its overseas division at the DUBAI Fire and Security Expo (INTERSEC) in January 2024, where we impressively displayed our Lithium and Intelligent Fire Suppression units. This has resulted in our product being represented currently in India, UAE, South Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, and the USA With Jactone (Pty) Ltd already endorsing our product and having sole distribution in the UK, our products are making waves internationally

Interested in a demo?  Fireblock cc regularly holds demos of its products and is happy to test other products on the market at our facilities CLICK TO ARRANGE A DEMO.